Petticoat Tail Shortbread is the name traditionally given to Shortbread baked in round specially-shaped pans producing the distinctive triangle with its scalloped edge. That edge reminded people of a lace petticoat peeping out from under a woman’s long skirt, thus… Petticoat Tail.

This is shortbread baked to a golden brown and bearing little relation to the paler cornstarch cookies sometimes referred to as shortbread. No cornstarch would have been used in a traditional Irish or Scottish food and you will find none in Gryphon Shortbread. Nor will you find additives, preservatives or artificial flavourings.

Butter, from the high meadows of Québec’s Laurentians and world-renowned Canadian Wheat flour, are our principal shortbread ingredients, combined with the integrity of time-honoured family traditions to bring you Gryphon Shortbread... incomparable in taste, unsurpassed in quality.


1/2 or 1 lb Boxes

The perfect "thinking of you" or special occasion gift with broad market appeal. This simple, elegant package is a classic of good taste... in every sense.

Single Bars

50g Singles

As Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Lunch Box Treats, P.O.P. counter sales, these singles have quick-pick appeal plus the taste and quality that builds solid repeat sales popularity. For Gift Baskets, they are an attractive small filler item.

Peepul Biskits & Catfish

Peepul Biskits & Catfish

Peepul Biskits and Catfish Cards are Greeting Cards FROM pets TO their favourite people, with the extra special treat of our Gryphon Shortbread tucked inside. For Christmas, the Holidays, Birthdays, Get Well and Missing You, these are a wonderful "little" gift and one that is unique to Gryphon.

Peepul Biskits & Catfish

Clear Gift Packs

Our signature Shortbread, rich with the flavour of real butter baked into a delicate texture. This is shortbread as it should be. An elegant and delicious accompaniment to our Celtic Classic and other Teas.

An old favourite, now the distinctive taste of Bergamot is paired with a hint of vanilla to create a truly remarkable new Shortbread. Superb with any of our Teas: unequalled with its true partner, our Earl Grey Cream.

Pungent with Ginger’s unique warmth, this Shortbread offers a distinctive and memorable taste to the discerning connoisseur. The perfect digestif with our blends of Celtic Tea.

As light and lovely as the flower itself, our Rose Shortbread is dusted with powdered organic rose petals, suggestive of the Victorian Rose Garden which inspired this delicacy. Delicious with any of our Celtic Tea blends.

Aromatic with the fragrance of sun-drenched lavender and topped off with powdered organic lavender buds, this Shortbread evokes Victorian lace and Dainty Tea. Highly recommended to accompany any of our Celtic Teas.

A Shortbread fused by Quebec’s three founding cultures, it carries a generous topping of pure Maple Sugar to give a rich, natural Maple flavour. Wonderful with our other unique tea blends.

Gryphon Shortbread has created a truly distinctive combination of taste and texture: the flavour of full-bodied dark roast coffee played out against the texture of a superb all butter shortbread. Capturing the essence of la crema itself, Gryphon Espresso Shortbread surprises the palate with a truly unique and memorable taste experience.