Urban Expressions Magazine

December, 2011

"Featured in the Montreal Gazette's 'Urban Expressions' Magazine as one of Montreal's favourite Comfort Foods." (pgs. 73, 75)

Pure Canada Magazine

Travel, Adventure and Style for 2006

Named most "MOUTHWATERING SCONE: Gryphon d'Or"

Baker's Journal

Showing its (British) Roots
July 8, 2005

By Joel Ceausu

"...That handling has paid off. Regan's sandy-coloured shortbread is a dusty treat that melts in the mouth. Not afraid to play around with tradition, Gryphon d'Or now sells a "Canadianized" version of it, thanks to the early Scottish settlers of La Belle Province who used maple sugar in their shortbread to make supplies of sugar last until ships could dock in spring."

"...over 70 per cent of Gryphon d'Or's sales come from over-the-counter business, which sees a booming run on the bakery's scones and shortbread..."

The Gazette

Montreal, Monday, December 13, 2004

"Peggy Regan's pastry shop blossoms...satisfying strong local demand for old fashioned British comfort foods"

"The quality is always impeccable" - Jean-Luc Esnault, prop., Patisserie de la Gare, Mtl Ouest

The Gazette

Montreal, Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"Regan's shortbread has been getting rave reviews since she first began selling it at the Highland Games."