Shortbread is traditional in both the Irish and the Scottish sides of our family. At Gryphon, we make no claim that this is a hand-written recipe passed down through generations of our family: it was a way of doing things that the elders taught by example.

Like most women of her age, my Grandmother Edie (part of Scotland’s Clan Gordon) did not use a written recipe. Gryphon does, of course, but it is a recipe of both ingredients and method, worked upon in our kitchen until the end result gave as tender a texture and real butter flavour as her unforgettable shortbread gave us.

We think you will find ours as memorable.

Gryphon’s founder has been making shortbread since she was a child. Gryphon emerged out of that experience in the early 1990’s and has been producing fine shortbreads ever since.

Winner of the 2006 Québec Thistle Council Scottish Foods Award.