Half-Golden Eagle, Half-Lion,
the origins of the Gryphon
are rooted deeply in a
Celtic Past.
Pre-dating the
Christianization of Ireland and Scotland,
the heraldic Gryphon
bears no Latin motto.
Its source is
Pagan Celtic Mythology.

In this Mythology,
the Gryphon is connected to
the Regan clan
(Ri-han, Gaelic for
“Being of, or connected to, the King”).

The founder of
Shortbread by Gryphon Inc.
bears the Clan name
and claims a mixed
Scots-Irish heritage
displaying the Gryphon
with great pride.

Some facts about Gryphons:
They are always female.
Dragons are male and
appeared later than Gryphons.
Gryphons are magical,
impervious to fire
and are the traditional guardians of
their Clan family
the Regans.

Gryphons are good.